Beatriz and I often jest we met halfway between Spain and California. We were both summer volunteers working on the northern part of the Appalachian trail in New Hampshire, on the east coast of the United States. Beatriz was raised in Palencia in the north of Spain and I am from southern California. I was (and still am) crazy love struck by her big brown eyes and wonderfully curly locks.

We maintained a back and forth long distance relationship until one night floating on a boat under the Golden Gate bridge I popped the big question (with that setting how could she say no?!) and we married and lived in San Francisco.

In 1997 we decided to move to Spain. Our 5-year plan was to spend some time with her family and take advantage of travelling within Europe.

Initially we enjoyed the bohemian life picking up odd jobs and spending our earnings on travels. It was fantastic. Then our first son, Diego, was born and our bohemian ways quickly came to an end. Filled with romanticism of running a small business together, we decided to look for a small hotel and restaurant. While investigating several places all over Spain we discovered Garrucha and knew this was the place for us. Beach bum at heart, I had always lived close to the coast and Beatriz loved the idea of living in Andalucía. Our 5-year plan suddenly became longer.

Our idea for our hotel and restaurant has always been a place that is comfortable and casual. Initially people come here for all the typical reasons: to eat, to drink, to sleep. However, the moment they cross the threshold they are captivated. Meandering through the bright reception, passing by the intimacy of our restaurant with a glimpse into our wine shop, through our comfy bar and out into our hidden oasis of a garden; they quickly realize this is much more. Our guests come and keep coming back to relax, to linger, to laugh, to enjoy, to create fond moments and memories.
I always say to Beatriz, “We just need them to come through the front door”. And we hope you do…

Sean & Beatriz

sobre hotel tikar


Dear Tikar Friends,
This virus has changed so many things: the way we get together with each other, the way we travel, the way we live… all of this may slow us down but we are not going to let it stop us, we have one life to live and time flies by.
We have opened the Tikar and we are following all the recommendations published by the health authorities, we have also written a detailed protocol for our daily cleaning and disinfection routines to guarantee the health and security of all clients and employees. Prevention is always the best option and we have distributed hydroalcoholic gel dispensers throughout the hotel and restaurant.
The best part is that being small, allows us to be safer and keep better control.
Even though we cannot hug (yet!) we can smile and enjoy each other in our intimate garden which allows us enough space to maintain the recommended distances and enjoy an oasis full of peace and charm.
We have been happy to make these changes and made the necessary safety precautions because we consider you friends much more than mere clients. We are not going to lose our soul, our sincerity, our character nor our willingness to do what we know how to do best, to welcome you at the Tikar and help you enjoy an unforgettable time.
Some things will never change in the Tikar, you can always relax and let us take care of everything the same way we have always done.
Thank you for all your support and trust,

Sean y Beatriz

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